1. To offer pigeons for sale at www.erpw.eu is free. 
the online publication of the auctions will only be done by administrators of www.erpw.eu. 
You can www.erpw.eu to discuss auctions. 
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  2. If the pigeons for sale are actually sold then receive erpw.eu 20% commission and the seller 80% of the amount bid / paid.
  3. The seller must deliver the pigeon at location from erpw.eu after it is sold.
  4. The seller will after the auction receive an e-mail 
about the handling of the sold pigeons.
  5. Erpw.eu has the right to decide which pigeons 
may be offered for sale.
  6. Erpw.eu is not responsible during / after the auction for any illness, or the death of pigeons.
  7. Erpw.eu is not responsible for the content of pedigrees / information  of the pigeons that are offered at erpw.eu. Each seller is independently responsible for their pedigrees and deliffered information.
  8. Erpw.eu excludes all liability originating as a result of using of this website.


  1. You must first register to be able to bid, after registration you get a email. 
the password can be changed by using the website login.
  2. The winner of the auction will be contacted on email by erpw.eu.
  3. Any bid is binding and can not be undone. By the bidder.
  4. Erpw.eu can make bids on behalf of others.
  5. The sex of young birds can not be guaranteed


  1. The buyer may, in consultation with erpw.eu to retrieve the bird himself, or to have it delivered. The delivery of the doves is for the account of the buyer.
  2. The buyer can contact www.erpw.eu to pickup the pigeon by themself or by delivery , the delivery costs are for the buyer.
  3. Erpw.eu is not responsible for any damage caused to the pigeons 
during the transport of the purchased pigeons.


  1. Erpw.eu has the right to let some persons not to bid on their auction and to delite bids.
  2. Erpw.eu has the right to terminate. Auctions prematurely .
(by any kind of reason)
  3. The technical problems are to blame to others, erpw.eu not responsible. 
(server, internet provider)
  4. Erpw.eu has the right to change. Above conditions at any time
  5. Users and providers of www.erpw.eu agree with the 
conditions above.